Guided Projects & Entrepreneurs Expression of Interest

SE Guided Projects & Entrepreneurs program provides hands-on training in project development and management, as well as funding, and other resources to support youth in implementing clean energy solutions, be they proven technologies or new innovations. By giving youth the necessary skills, knowledge, and support system for their initiatives, the program allows young people to launch tangible community-based clean energy projects or a clean energy enterprise. Simultaneously, it gives a cohort of global youth the critical early career experiences they need to be lifelong problem-solvers and entrepreneurs.

There are multiple program streams to choose from: 1) Guided Projects; and 2) Entrepreneurs.

  • Guided Projects streams focus on developing proven technologies and easily replicable projects (i.e. solar PV, energy efficiency, or community e-transport) where youth teams take lead in project management while receiving mentorship, coaching, and funding from Student Energy. By the end of the program, youth teams will commission their first community or campus-based clean energy project.

  • Entrepreneurs, on the other hand, provides entrepreneurially-minded youth with the necessary skills, resources and support needed to have the best chance at launching a business in the clean energy industry. Through this stream, youth teams will participate in a 3-month long intensive incubator that is designed to prepare their clean energy ideas for seed round fundraising and company launch. Focusing on early startups in the idea/hypothesis or early pilot stages, the program will provide legal, branding, and networking support for the ventures. By the end of the program, youth teams will turn their ideas into a prototype or launch their clean energy enterprise.

Both streams have the following components: coursework, mentorship & coaching, templates & software, and funding. For further information on the program and past cohorts and projects, please visit the Guided Projects website.

Currently, the only stream being offered is Guided Projects - Solar PV. The development of additional streams is underway and respondents will be notified whenever a stream they are eligible for begins accepting applications.


  1. Guided Projects Solar Pre-Pilot (Canada) - Oct 2021 to Jun 2022 (1 Team) - Completed

  2. Guided Projects Solar Pilot (International) - Aug 2022 to Jun 2023 (6 Teams) - Completed

  3. Guided Projects Solar Cohort 2 (Canada) - Feb 2024 to Jan 2025 - Scheduled

Purpose of this Form

The goal of this Expression of Interest (EOI) form is to get to know you and your team, what type of project you are most interested in, what components of the program you deemed most beneficial, as well as the existing barriers you currently face as a young person interested in building a clean energy project or enterprise. Note that this is not a formal application form, and further information may need to be collected from project leaders before formally being enrolled in the program.

By submitting this form, you will be notified via the email provided in your submission whenever a stream they are eligible for begins accepting applications.

Note: Please submit only one (1) EOI for your team. There is a section in the form which identifies all your prospective team members.
Privacy Notice
Your privacy is important to us. Any information you share will be used for assessing the demand for this new program, to inform program design, and to contact you with future information about the program. The information we collect from you is meant for internal use only and will not be shared with third parties. If you have any questions about privacy, please contact If you wish to refer to our Privacy Notice, please here.

General Information

This section aims to gather basic information about you (team leader). The email you will provide will be used for further communication as we transition to the formal recruitment phase.

Applications are open to youth 18-30 years old

(in progress or completed)

Type in the complete name of your university (English name, if applicable). If it is not on the list, please type it in completely.

Type in the complete name of your university (English name, if applicable). If it is not on the list, please type it in completely.

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separate years by commas

Program Interest and Project Details

You can suggest a project that can be easily replicated regardless of location, with a typical project development duration of <8months

What would be the most important component of the program for you and for the success of your project?

What is the biggest challenge young people face in your country when it comes to developing clean energy projects or launching a clean energy enterprise?

Upload a single office file. (e.g. .pdf, .docx, .pptx)

Estimated amount to commission your project or required amount for early stage funding for your clean energy enterprise.


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