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The Student Energy Career Training program is not accepting applications at this time.
If you believe this is an error, please contact us at

SECT is dedicated to providing students and young professionals their first opportunity to execute a real-world energy project and develop skills in energy policy and market analysis. This four-month cohort-based intensive program aims to fill the emerging gap between a large contingent of youth seeking to perform innovative work and transform our energy system but lack access to necessary baseline training and skills required for entry-level roles and internships.

The course has been collaboratively developed and run by knowledge partner Enel Foundation to offer students a comprehensive introduction to the current energy system, decarbonization pathways, energy economics and policy.

Student Energy is opening applications for the next cohort of the program, which will start on the 4th of September and end on the 18th of December, 2023. (Dates are tentative)
For more information about SECT please visit our website or email us at
Please refer here for the deadline to submit your application.

Before You Apply:

Requirements and Eligibility

Application to the Career Training program is open to youth aged 18-30 years old. The program is delivered in a fully online format.

Application is done on an individual basis by (1) Filling out this application form and (2) Uploading a YouTube video link of yourself, between 2 - 3 minutes answering the following prompts:
  1. What outcome do you want to achieve through this program?
  2. What are your previous experiences working in a diverse team?
For any reason you are not able to submit a video, you may still apply to the program. The last page of this application form will provide you an opportunity to share your situation.

Please submit an application through this form only once.
Do not attempt to resubmit an application as it may cause your application to not be processed.

Acceptance to the Program

You will be contacted through email about the result of your application, where you will be invited to officially register to the program, should you be accepted.

Graduation Criteria

To be eligible for graduation, every SECT participant must commit to the following for the four months of the program: 
  • Complete the General Curriculum on the Learning Hub total of 3 learning units and 2 assignments within the Month 1 of the program;
  • Must attend two hour long mandatory meetings each week - one with Project Partner and one with internal cohort team in Months 2-4;
  • Must attend or view on the Learning Hub 40% of enrolled one-hour Specialized Curriculum Workshops;
  • Must attend or view on the Learning Hub 20% of available one-hour Career Path Session webinars; and 
  • Must be engaged in the Practicum Project throughout Months 2-4, participate in the project proposal, mock presentation, final presentation and completion of deliverables.

Expected Time Commitment

SECT expects you to dedicate an approximate of 160 hours of work between the Curriculum, Practicum Project, Career Path Sessions and professional development. over the course of the program. This is broken down into approximately 10 hours every week over the 16 week program. This time commitment encompasses 2 hours per week to mandatory meetings, 4 hours per week towards Curriculum and 4 hours per week for Practicum Project. Optional in the program is professional development which encompasses 30 minutes coaching calls, networking mixers and green skills development webinars. 
Privacy Notice
Your privacy is important to us. Any information you share will be used for assessing your application, matching you with a partner project based on your background and interests, and to contact you about the status of your application and with future information about the program. Shortlisted applicants' applications forms will be shared with SECT Project Partners for the project matching process and for future opportunities.

The information you submit through this form is processed by FormAssembly on behalf of Student Energy; and is stored by Google on its servers, which are located in the United States. The information we collect from you is meant for internal use only and will not be shared with other third parties.

If you have any questions about privacy, please contact us at If you wish to refer to our Privacy Notice, please here.

Please enter an email address that you personally own. Using a shared email address may cause your application to not be processed.

Applications are open to youth 18-30 years old

Where are you located right now?

Where are you located right now?

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If your university does not show up on the suggestion list, type in the complete name of your university instead.

If currently a student, enter expected year of graduation

(Leave blank if you have not participated in any program in the past)

SECT Commitments

10 hours per week over the course of 16 weeks; as outlined in the Graduation Criteria on the first page

In order to complete the program curriculum, complete the project training and deliverables, and participate in virtual meetings you will need access to a computer and the internet

Extremely interested Very interested Moderately interested Slightly interested Not at all interested

Please select at most three (3) choice/s.

Please select at most three (3) choice/s.

Please select at most two (2) choice/s.

Please follow the selection limits from the above questions to submit your form without errors.

We will try to match you to the best specialization

Max 250 words

Max 250 words

Max 250 words
CV and Application Video
Submit an unlisted Youtube video link of yourself, between 2 - 3 minutes answering the following prompts:
  1. What outcome do you want to achieve through this program?
  2. What are your previous experiences working in a diverse team?
(If there is a reason you can't submit a video, please check the appropriate box below and let us know of your circumstance)

Steps to uploading your unlisted YouTube video:
1. Sign into or create your YouTube Account
2. Go to your My Channel page
3. To upload a video, click on the camcorder icon on the upper right banner, choose Upload Video and follow the steps. 
4. Change the setting to upload the video as an unlisted video and select the video from your device which you’d like to make an unlisted video. Click Done to confirm. Copy the link and include it in the space above. 

Upload a single office file. (e.g. .pdf, .docx, .pptx)

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