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Student Energy Guided Projects is a clean energy project development program for post-secondary students. By giving youth the necessary skills, knowledge, funding, and support system for their initiatives, SE Guided Projects allows young people to launch tangible community-based clean energy projects. Simultaneously, the program gives a cohort of global youth the critical early career experiences they need to be lifelong problem-solvers.

SE Guided Projects focus on developing “plug-and-play” templated projects (i.e. solar PV, energy efficiency, or community e-transport) where youth teams take lead in project management while receiving  training, mentorship, coaching, and funding from Student Energy. By the end of the program, youth teams will commission their first community or campus-based clean energy project.
Guided Projects Cohort 1 (Solar PV) will run from August 2022 to June 2023, with anticipated 9 solar projects to be built within Canada. Execution phase of the projects is expected to begin by October 2022.
Project Scale: 10,000 to 20,000 CAD
Purpose of this Form
This is an Expression of Interest form for suppliers and engineering contractors who would like to be part of the procurement process for SE Guided Projects. Your response will be stored in our database, and during the procurement stage of the program, youth teams will reach out to invite you to submit a proposal if you are operating within the same city/province as the project site.
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